A little more blocks

I’ve been using the quad cortex mainly in live settings with 2 guitars and I would have hoped to be able to use it with with for example another bass or singer.

Currently I need two lines per guitar because my guitars uses 11 blocks each. And around half my CPU is used so the quad cortex shall be able to have more processing.

It would be great to have more blocks or to be able to move block from one line to another so we can still use the second line with fewer effects. Of course I know that the hardware have limitations, but with my current preset, I’m still underusing it’s processing power.

Thanks !

It isn’t direct reply to your problem but in the case:

you can use first and second line for one guitar

3 and 4 for the second instrument

you’ll have 10+11 blocks (but it depends to cpu) for the first instrument

10+11 for the second

Eventually it can helps

Yes this is what I’m currently doing, but by doing so, I have only two instruments. And I thinks the quad could handle 4 instruments.

You can assign returns 1 and 2 as inputs 3 and 4, and then you will have 4 rows of blocks, depending on processing power.

Yes this is what I wanted, but I’m already using the 4 rows with my two guitars…
Here my preset for example:

I still have 4 unused blocks that could be used for vocals or bass.

You can use input block 1/2 for first row in stead of seperately 1 and 2.

That won’t work if he’s using two guitars simultaneously. The capture, amp, drive, and dynamics blocks will always sum stereo signals to mono, which is stupid.

Yes, and my two guitars doesn’t have the same settings in each scenes, sometimes, one has reverb and a specific panning for example. Sometimes the clean capture is used for one and the other is in high gain mode, etc.