Let´s make a Power amp list!

Lets prepare a good list of best power amps for the cortex.
For everyone looking for suitable one :slight_smile:

The only i know its the Seymour Duncan Powerstage (170, 700).

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I thought the PowerStage is a power amp, is that what you mean? I doubt many folks need separate preamps for the QC, since it’s designed to go direct in from your instrument.

It definitely can’t drive a cab though. I use the Orange Pedal Baby 100 for that purpose, though I’ve heard good things about the PowerStage as well.

[Edit] The nice thing about the Pedal Baby is that it strikes a balance between power (100w) and compactness. So it fits in a large backpack along with the QC and some cables, then I can carry my guitar and cab in either hand, thus one trip to haul my gear.

In terms of how much air it can move, it depends on your speaker/cab, but driving a Celestion F12-X200 it’s in the ballpark of a 50w 1x12 tube combo. It’s fine for practice and playing bars, for sure.

Thats it! power amps!

Im trying to decide the same on stereo poweramps
I use a Crown K2 which is awesome but too clunky for live

Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700
Matrix GT1000FX

Im not sure about Matrix now as the original UK guy Robin has split from the company which is now US based
Is it still stable and longterm support? I dont know
They did a GT1650FX as well but are all out of stock now
More oomph for bass but not sure if its as guitar responsive as the GT1000FX

I wonder if Quilter does a good stereo amp?
Thats the QSC guy

Darkglass should do a responsive stereo poweramp for guitarists, thatd be the winner

Fryette power station

We’re still going. Unfortunately we had to close the UK office (Brexit and Covid double whammy) which Robin has taken on and is dealing with the PA side of things. (We were a PA company way before getting involved in guitar stuff). Officially it’s been a USA company since around 2013. Hopefully this year will see us back on track with resuming UK building, “IF” the global parts shortage starts getting busier. However we’re still here for sales, support, repairs etc
Just got my QC so looking forward to trying it out with some of the Matrix toys!