Bass power amp with cab


I just bought a quad cortex. As I’m playing guitar and bass what would you recommand for powering amp a bass cab ? Is the orange pedal good for a bass use with a cab as well ? As it’s perfect for guitar I prefer asking…Or do you recommand something else ?

Thanks ! :wink:

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I’m using an SD Powerstage 700 for guitar and bass and it works great.

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Thanks Tom ! I didn’t know that product. I’m going to check :wink:

Might be a little underpowered for a lot of bass cabs (only 350W@8Ohms), like the Hartke HyDrive 410 that is rated with 1000W@Ohms. I use a linear 1HE Rack PA Poweramp putting out 1100Wrms @ 4ohm and 2x 650Wrms @ 8ohm.

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What kind of band are you playing in where that is underpowered? :sweat_smile:

We normally use the PS700 for two guitars - each channel into a 16 ohm cab (probably 180 watts for that but it’s not actually listed in the specs).
Our bassist then uses a Fender Rumble 500, which is also 350w@8ohms.

We are a very loud metal band, but none of that has ever suffered from being underpowered, quite the opposite. I was using the Fender for synths into a normal bass cab the other day and had the master volume below 1/4. Even then it kept up with a full band.


The perceived volume depends on which tone you prefer and how your bass is tuned. For example, if you’re tuned to B or even F# like me and have a more modern tone (good sub-bass, heavily cut low-mids [250hz is the enemy], and crispy high-mids/highs) then it takes a lot more power to amplify the sub-bass/bass frequencies. If one uses a more mid-heavy kinda vintage style tone, he/she can get away with less watts for the same perceived volume.
In addition, the volume per watt ratio heavily depends on the specific cab used. The aforementioned Hartke HyDrive, for example, is not particularly “efficient” and therefore needs a bit more power to produce the same volume as another more efficient one. That’s why I wrote “for a lot of bass cabs”… Maybe “a lot” was a bit exaggerated, but you get my point :smiley:

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Needed this topic. Been wondering about it for a bit know, without finding answers. Then it got much more technical than my wondering and thanx for that. :metal:t3:


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On my side I actually play bass in a metal band using a Darkglass 410 and an Alpha Omega 900 Head . As I bought the Quad Cortex (few days ago) I would need a power solution in case of I can’t plug the Quad cortex direct in the mixing table (depending of the venue). In that case I would have to bring my CAB. But I 'd like to get rid of my Darkglass head.

At home, I can go direct into the Interface to the monitors so it’s not a probem. I also have an Orange 2x12 CAB but no head amp that I sold to buy the Quad Cortex. This is why I’m looking for a Power amp pretty flat that can fits both Guitar and Bass to get the greatest of both world without missing any power.



Looking at that amp (AO 900 pic), it would seem you’d have a number of routing options. Could be wrong… but couldn’t you route your cortex through the return of the head in addition to utilizing the pre DI to a house connection (or the cortex - out)? Haven’t heard myself to verify but id assume bypassing your preamp section would give you a flat response. Ive done this very thing with a mesa prodigy and walkabout. Amazing how different of a tone you can get out of your amp by not using it for what it was designed. Lol.