Best pedal sized power amp to use QC with my Mesa 4x12 cabinet?

I like the form factor of the Powerstage 170 with the QC, but not sure that’s the best option? I don’t like how it has Bass/Mid/High options. I’d rather just have a volume dial on the amp and then use the EQ on my QC so the tone doesn’t get muddied up. The ISP Stealth 180 watt has this, but reviews seem mixed. What’s a good option under $400? Thanks for any help!

I like the design of the Hotone Loudster
Which has exactly as you describe only a volume knob. I cannot tell you first hand experience, because I don’t own one. Mayby someone on the forum with some first hand info?

Is the amp powerfull enough? (75W into 4,8,16 Ohm)
Does it sound “neutral”? etc.

Yea I did see that one, but wasn’t sure if it’s powerful enough.

Have you looked at the Quilter pedal amps?