Best power amp for QC (fryette PS2/ KRS PA 50)

Guys, any experience with any of these power amps? I am looking for the best compatibility and sound for my quad cortex. thank you

I have the KSR and love it, also have Synergy 50/50 which i believe is a Fryette design. I was told a power amp with KT88 is the best. Fryette has them in a couple of their PA. Maybe one day I’ll trying have no issue with what i have now.

Hi @Kraven1978 and welcome to the community!
It’s subjective to which is the best but anything from KSR, Fryette, Matrix, Seymour Duncan etc., will work nicely. My personal favorite is the Matrix GT1000, stereo and only 1U etc.

The matrix will best represent the sound of the QC - solid state, well built flat power amp. However, the KSR or fryette you may find more enjoyable, as they are tube amps and will color the sound with their own.

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