Launch a sound!

Sometimes we need to use a particular sound sample for introduce/close a song or during the song. Could it be possible to store it in the QC using the same way as the IRs (first add through the computer and then download in the QC) and add it in scene as an effect to launch this sound by pressing the switch assigned to the « effect » ?
I hope the idea is clear… but I think this could useful ! :wink:

Maybe an extension of this would be a block named “sampler” where you can store sounds at desired length, use the tab assignments for various samples. You could have choice of one shot or looper. QC is awesome! So many possibilities.

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I would definitely love this feature in the form of savable loops! If the QC had the ability to save/load within the looper or other external files loaded into some sound launcher, I’d be set for life.

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Exactly the idea !
It could be a kind of looper with a lot of same options !