Latency on Logic Pro X - Macbook pro M1 after some minutes of playing

**CorOS Version: 2.0.2.x but I have noticed latency issues on previous versions of the QC, just that i never sit to record and try things.

Hello guys, I have been experiencing latency issues even in Logic Pro X with the lowest settings possible while listening through monitoring.

Latency on monitoring its also recorded on the track, so its not a monitoring issue

When I do x, y happens:

When playing with any preset, after some minutes of playing, I’m getting at least a 1 second latency on anything coming out of my mac book pro speakers through Logic Pro X.
Its irrelevant if it comes through the 3/4 or 1/2

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Connecting the QC directly to the Macbook
  2. opening any preset on QC
  3. Setting the I/0 as normal.
  4. Playing for some minutes (less than half of what Shine on you crazy diamond last or infinite forms by Thy art is murder last for some context hahah)

I expected this to happen:
Whenever Im playing through Logic Pro X with monitoring on.

With presets ranging from 66% CPU to a 22% CPU usage.

Some times it happened when changing presets while playing.

some times happened while moving the HP source to any different value on the I/O Settings menu on QC.

I have tried the following things:
Changing any value on Logic Pro X > preference > Audio > Device > Apply changes
Usually resolve the latency issue but it comes back just after some minutes playing.

  • i want to point out that I have tried with ALL combinations possible on Logic Pro X > preference > Audio > Device.
    Changing the I/O buffer size from 32 to a bigger and a more noticeable “Natural” latency on 128 (where i get 12.3 ms Round trip - 6.4ms Output)

Multithreathing from “Playback” to “playback&Live track”.


PD2: I had a Mooer g200 before and there was no issue while recording (Not saying this to compare products, but as a reference that might not be my macbook)


  • 8 Gb Ram
  • 297,04 GB available of 494,38 GB

I would like to ask for help guys. I don’t know what else to do.
I have tried to close EVERYTHING running on my laptop while playing but no difference.

Tried with the “Activity monitor” on the macbook to see if there was any spike on RAM or CPU usage while having this issue, but no difference whatsoever.

I have sent a QC Report Last night through my unit.
If you would need any other piece of info, I could record a video of this from the moment of using the unit to when the issue occurs as it comes in less than 3 ~ 4 mins.

Kind regards!

have you tried enabling ‘low latency mode’ on Logic?
I know it’s a recording setting, but I usually leave it engaged on mine and have never experienced the Latency issues
Also, is your project set to 48kHz?

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by using Logic’s monitoring you are adding up the Qc’s latency with you mac’s latency.

why wouldn’t you plug your headphones in the QC and set you Logic output to the QC ?

Control your headphone’s mix via the (slide down) mixer on the QC and set the USB output to minus something so that you get a decent Gtr & playback balance.

That’s what I do anyway.

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This thread is concerning using the Quad Cortex as an interface though, not the plug-ins; it is locked to 48kHz and it’s generally best to clock all gear in the chain to the same rate. Especially when you’re looking to solve glitches