Sudden latency when connected as USB interface

CorOS Version: 1.0.1

Describe your issue:

While playing I started experiencing a long latency all of a sudden, the problem disappeared as I disconnected and reconnected the USB cable.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Just play for a while.

I expected this to happen:

Not have sudden latency added when I record with the Cortex.

I have tried the following things:

see April 12, 2021 - YouTube

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I am having this same exact issue with my iMac and the quad cortex. Probably need a firmware update to address USB issues.

I just had this occur and posted. Sorry about that…I didn’t see this message before. Has this been resolved?

This happens to me regularly.

QC over USB into Logic X 2020 MBP. Software monitoring.

Sometimes it takes awhile to occur, other times it happens every few minutes. Extremely annoying. I’m beginning to think it’s an issue with Logic or Catalina. I usually open logic preferences and disable then re-enable the audio engine. Unplugging and plugging the USB fixes it too but only temporarily.

If I monitor the audio straight through my Audient id44 (XLR) I never have any hiccups.

So, something is wonky with the USB, or Logic and Catalina. I can’t narrow it down beyond that. My helix over USB never had problems. I sure hope this gets resolved.