Latency issue with patch changes within the standalone app

Hi guys, I’m using an M1 Mac Mini, 1TB SSD, 16GB Ram and an Airstep using bluetooth midi. I have set it up to change to the next patch as a test and the delay (latency) is so bad it just isn’t practical to use live.

I am a bit disappointed but also optimistic their must be a setting somewhere to change. I am on a sample speed of 16 which is the lowest setting. I know that The L6 Helix overcomes this problem by using snapshoot so I’m thinking maybe this is the way to go. If I pre-load the patches in Mainstage I presume it may be quicker or no noticed latency as the patch is pre-loaded. Can the standalone interface be setup similar?

Meanwhile, I appreciate any help.

Thanks :slight_smile: