Kemper DI vs. TwoNotes Captor

Hi All,
New to the QC world and am trying to better understand captures.
I want to capture a couple of tube heads I own.
I believe I’m going to grab the (older) TwoNotes Captor, and using the DI out (no cab sim) so I have the best capture of just my head…and then I can add an IR in the QC. Someone correct, but I believe that will work fine.

I do however have the Kemper DI box (had a Kemper that I sold to get a QC). I know the Kemper load process is a little different as their DI connects to your 4x12 cab, so the cab is taking the load instead of the ‘box’. My question is - can I use the Kemper DI with the QC? Can I just run it the same way I would when doing a capture with the Kemper?
QC Capture Output into my Amp
Amp Output into Kemper ‘from amplifier’
Kemper ‘to cabinet’ to my 4x12
Kemper ‘to profiler’ into Input 1 on the QC

Any advice is appreciated. Would rather not fry my QC after only owning it for a week :slight_smile:


You should be able to use your Kemper DI box.

But I don’t think it acts as a Load box.
So you’ll have to make sure that your are also connect to a cab or you’ll damage you amp.

I’m sure someone has tried this already here.

Should work great. Just make sure you run whatever speaker cab after the Kemper DI. Just like if you were playing your amp. Your amp needs to see the speaker load.

I reached out to QC support and they recommended not using it.
I purchased the Fractal X-Load. It captured my JMP-1 and Marshall 100/100 power amp perfectly.

I was having some issues getting decent captures with a Captor until someone mentioned on Discord to also connect the Captor to a real cab when capturing. This changes the impedance/load that the amp sees. I suppose that is true because I ended up getting my best captures that way.

Interesting, maybe I’ll give that a try.
I ended up buying the Fractal X-Load and it has the ability to connect a cab.
So far (even without the cab), it has been excellent.