Separate the Amp from Cab

It would be very nice to be able to separate the amp and cab to use other cabs in an original Amp+Cab Capture.

I remember Doug mentioning that this is feasible. Also the Kemper has that feature and imo it works pretty good. Would be cool to have that in the QC as well.

Do you mean removing the cab from a capture of an amp+cab? So you would basically get the same result as if you used a load box with the amp only?

But you don’t get the same feel and sound result with the DI option. Been there, done that a lot.

Having the ability to remove the cab keeps the interaction that was captured while letting you use stock cabs or other mic’d cab combinations. The naming at this point would be chaotic since nothing standard and defined has been followed in a lot of cases, but if the cab/speaker/mic were noted then you can have a large interchange within the community.

Maybe on the amp block page have a button marked CAB. On/Off?

Interresting, didn’t know this was possible, if it works as you described that would indeed be a useful feature!

It’s puzzling that some of these features that have been around on other products were not implemented into the QC at startup. I realize that you have to do your own thing, but this and the midi/footswitch operations (lack of) is really a mystery.

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