Keeley HALO delay

I want Keeley HALO delay.

not really seeing anything on it that the new Dual Delay on the QC can’t do. Am I missing something?

Of course I tried DUAL DELAY.
However, even with X-feedback, the delayed signal is still PAN to the left and right.
If you listen with headphones, it is different from the sound you want.
I wish I could merge this to the center.

Do you have any good ideas?

I assume you’re using the Delay at or near the end of the lane?
Have you tried putting it before the amp or cab? This sums it to mono and kills the stereo effect.
Or you could leave it near the end of the chain but put any mono block after it. Would that get you closer?

Thanks for your mention
We have already tried that method as well.
However, the sound sounded slightly different when placed in front of the cabinet versus behind.
Besides, I thought it was a waste to put unused blocks to make it mono.
This problem would be solved if the dual delay had a mono merge feature.

I’ve seen other users saying they’d like a mono feature for the Dual Delay too. Maybe that’ll come. There’s also a post by a Halo owner on Facebook saying he’s selling his because he prefers the tone of the QC’s DD. I’m not really sure how big of a difference there is, but it seems like at least the mono feature would be a good addition.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a mono version that @kuretsuki is talking about. I also am annoyed that the dual delay is in ping pong, but that doesn’t mean I want mono, I just would like the delay to be in stereo without ping pong effect (this is not uncommon–the Strymon DIG, for instance, is a dual delay with stereo and ping pong modes).

Yes,That is my ideal.
I’m putting ANALOG DELAY(ST) module in series now.

I don’t seem to be getting the ping-pong effect here- the repeats stay on whichever side they’re panned to. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the X-feedback and Link Feedback parameters do differently though, I’m not hearing a huge effect with my settings.

That is the ping pong (Right side quarter note, left side eighth note, right side quarter note, etc.). What Kuretsuki and I would prefer is that both delays be equally present on both sides but with a stereo field (e.g., the width control on the stereo delays). The X-Feedback control increase how much the two delays affect each other, so it essentially moves them, incrementally, into serial delays. That is, they are parallel delays at 0% and series delays at 100%. This diminishes the right-left separation, but their interaction has to build up before the left-right separation diminishes, which means that the initial repeats are ping pong, but this diminishes with subsequent repeats. Link Feedback locks the feedback percentage of each delay to the other. This means that instead of having separate feedback percentages for each, they are both the same.


thanks, that clears up a lot that wasn’t evident (as much as I tried to isolate and test the results)

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I totally agree with this.