Keeley Halo and Cloudburst not working together. Works one way but not in reverse order!

Hello everyone. I have a question maybe someone here could help me with. It is not about the QC in particular, this is my alternate pedalboard. While setting up my pedalboard today I ran into an issue. It is pretty straightforward setup. A tuner>Keeley compressor Plus>Keeley AT Super Mod OD>UA Dream 65 Amp Pedal>Keeley Halo>Strymon Cloudburst.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Cloudburst will not operate at all in this order. So I tested the Cloudburst separately to make sure it was working and it is. I then reversed the order with Cloudburst>Halo and it works. Why in the world would it work one way and when I switch it back it completely breaks the chain… no sound and just a popping noise when I turn the Cloudburst on and off. So once again I thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any idea what is going on I would sure love to hear about it. God bless and thank you.

Huh? That makes no sense! I assume those are both “true bypass” pedals so it should at least pass signal with both pedals off? Does the active LED go off and on like normal (indicating correct power)? Have you tried using different cables? I’ve had situations where a device wouldn’t work with a specific cable connector yet the cable was fine with other devices.

PThat’s a head scratcher, Brian.

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Thanks Pete. Yeah, that is a good suggestion. Also I need to check and see if maybe on my CIOKS DC7 power supply I somehow knocked a switch out of place… you can change the power settings that way. I appreciate your kind response. At least it is working but I was pretty sure I wanted it the other way around… Halo then Cloudburst. It does sound nice Cloudburst then Halo though.

Hi Pete, I tried every combination of changes. Bottom line it will work with the Cloudburst in front of the Halo, but not the other way around. All cables are good, power is good. All switches are correct on the CIOKS. Driving me nuts. I guess I will call Strymon Monday morning. Thanks for being there for me Pete.

Well, I’m here but of very little use, in this case. Guess I’ll have to just stand here and look confused. That’s just crazy! Maybe the Strymon is the alpha pedal and demands to be first. :man_shrugging:

Hopefully Strymon can help. Please keep us posted, Bob.

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Yes, two confused guys looking into the sky for answers… :wink:

Putting on the troubleshooting hat:

  • UA Dream 65 → Cloudburst [no Halo] works?
  • UA Dream 65 → Halo → Cloudburst does not work, i.e. no other sound passes through except popping noises?
  • UA Dream 65 → Halo [no Cloudburst] works, i.e. there’s nothing wrong with the output of the Halo when plugging into whatever sound setup you’ve got?


  • What cable type are you using with the Halo into the Cloudburst, TS or TRS?
  • Which output jack(s) are you using with the Halo?
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Hey Brother, thanks for taking the time to look at this. Yes all that you listed above is correct and I am using brand new TS patch cables that I bought from Sweetwater at the same time as the Cloudburst and Halo. I am running everything in Mono. This morning I tried to simplify things even further and just put the Halo and Cloudburst (last) into input one of my QC with only an amplifier in the first line. So guitar>Keeley Halo>Cloudburst>QC. Same thing. The only way it works is Cloudburst>Halo NOT Halo>Cloudburst. Everyone is saying this cannot be so… its only and audio signal. But over and over I have tried every combination of making sure that all other things work and it just will not work. I have an open ticket to Sweetwater on this waiting to hear from them but I honestly don’t know what they would have me do that I haven’t already. I have lost 5 hours on this so far.

I just got off the phone with Sweetwater tech support. Long story a little shorter… I was having an issue of not being able to factory reset the pedal, which lead the tech to think that there could be an internal issue with the pedal. They are going to send me out another pedal, but before they do that they are going to test it there in house behind a Keeley Halo to make sure. They are also going to make sure that the pedal will do a factory reset as well. I am happy with the Sweetwater solution. It is reasonable. I mean what else could it be other than the Cloudburst at this point? Thanks again for interacting with me here.

I’ve never had any issues with gear where I’ve needed Sweetwater customer service to step in. Hopefully they get you sorted out, and there are no repeats of the problem you’re having now.

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Thanks for the kind words man