Strymon Cloud-like Reverbs on the QC

Just wanted to know. Has anyone managed to find a combination of Reverbs similar to “cloud” on the Bigsky? I’ve still got my board with it on but I’m downsizing and I really want to have a decent option.
Almost tempted to buy one of the plugins and work it via USB. But surely someone has something decent!

Would appreciate any help!

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I’ve tried recreating some of their delays, but I don’t have their reverb pedal.

What parameters/fx are you looking for in a ‘cloud’ reverb? Very long decay? Anything specific that could help narrow it down?

EDIT: I see there is a preset on the cloud already (still going to try making one myself though):

cloud reverb preset

Using the shimmer verb helps… :smiley:

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worked on this for a while yesterday based on some videos I saw of different settings with the Strymon Cloud verb on the Big Sky. Looks like it covers a lot of ground and has a pretty wide range of capabilities.
Not sure exactly which fx the original poster is looking for.

I’ll upload once I get all the levels matched. So far I’m combining several fx into the Mind Verb (split into phase-inverted parallel lanes for a bonus Bloom verb option) and using scenes for the different settings I’ve seen in video demos


Just stared to check out later! Currently running my BigSky in the FX Loop of the QC specifically because of settings like Bloom and Cloud. Excited to compare! Thanks for diving into it!

cool- any input as to what you hear in those fx? What makes them stand out to you? Seems like there are many different things it can do

You can at least get in the same ballpark by using a few QC reverbs in serial. Use something like plate lush or mind hall with a short decay and pre delay, and then follow it with another block of plate lush or modulated. Then in that block, crank the modulation, crank the reverb duration, and make the pre delay longer. The idea is to have the first short reverb “bloom” into the 2nd longer reverb.


I put up the 2 I’ve got so far. Feedback or tweaks welcome




Ill be checking these out

the one in particular i love is “stratosphere”.

i’ve tried runnig reverbs in serial.

Thanks for the uploads. will give them a try!

Man - just tried them. They sound sick!

And I see what you did - I realised what I had been missing was the cutting through of what I was playing - might be because I spent so much time dialing the wet and decay and forgot about the dry signal.

Amazing work.

Thanks very much.
Had so much fun I just made a version that adds a micropitch Lane.
Couldn’t find a video on the Stratosphere effect, unless you meant the Plugin.

Tried these presets and sound sick. Curious to know what the capture is of

The factory Comet captures are the Komet 60, a versatile boutique amp that makes a great pedal platform. It’s a really underrated capture

Wow - the Bloom sounds awesome! Thank you! I had the big sky which I ended up selling a while back, and from my recollection this covers most of the ground!

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I should try it out.

Finally got around to trying these. Really excellent work. I A/B’ed these to my BigSky and they sound really great. I’m not considering kicking my BigSky in favor of something more… unique. Thanks for the presets!


Thank you. The presets sound very interesting

These are really awesome thanks @xush :pray:t2:

I really like how row 1+2 are just the wet sound. It makes blending the wet and dry together so much easier!
Would you mind sharing how you did this? I can’t seem to figure it out :sweat_smile:

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thanks, you are very kind!
I think those 2 are fairly straight-forward, I just made 2 parallel paths by using the same input for 2 separate lanes. The ‘hidden’ part is the phase-inverted split that cancels the effect until you adjust 1 parameter.

You’ve got me thinking now though- I should have assigned expression pedals to the output blocks, then you could fade the entire Row in and out manually. Might be time to update some stuff!

Let me know if there was anything specific you are trying to configure