Is the support team normally unresponsive?

For people who tried emailing recently, how often do they respond? Because I have a pending support issue that requires immediate response from them and they literally only responded once and then ignored all further inquiries.

Is there any other way to actually get in contact with someone and not have to wait several days or maybe even forever for a reply? I literally can’t use the product i’ve bought until I clarify something from them and it’s really frustrating.

DM me and I will escalate directly with support

I also have an issue, sent 2 Mails in the last couple of days and haven’t got any response yet.

They usually aren’t available during the weekends etc., if you haven’t heard back within 2 business days, DM and I will contact support directly for you.

Alright, I haven’t heard anything from support. How can I DM you?

Select my username and choose ‘Message’:

Sorry for the inconvenience, but something is wrong here :smiley: