Is it possible to have monetary non-latch footswitch in Scenes?

QC arrives tomorrow and my brain is firing up like a Christmas tree!!

Working on a few songs that would benefit a heck by being able to momentarily stomp a switch for a scene change, but jumo right to current scene on release. For a very fast transition effect, saving a stomp back. Is this possible?

Also, would be handy for other applications,ike stutter “scratech CD” effect, hold an infinite note or delay feedback, etc… but Scene momentary would be golden for me

the only momentary switch settings presently are for the looper (recording/overdubbing) and the freeze fx (holding infinite note).

Dang … :frowning:

Guess this thread goes into Feature Request territory… any way to move it over @MP_Mod ? Or shall I open a new thread?

Go ahead and create a new feature request and I will close this post. Thanks!