Momentary switch for Scenes

Would be very useful to have the ability for momentary footswitch capability for scenes to bring effects like overdrive etc in and out quickly.

Thanks, Jrm


There is already a request for this feature.

EDIT: I realize that the link describes Stomp mode (where you’re asking for this for Scenes), but the request is basically the same.


I think is necessary Improve foot control, maybe null control (possibility to change only one point, like a volume) without change the scene, maybe like a action function.


Yes. I would like to see the ability as well to have a switch momentarily bring in and out an overdrive block to quickly go between a clean sound for chords and a drive sound for solos.

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Agree - this is an absolute need to have

I added something to my thread saying momentary could just as easily be added to Scene mode as well as Stomp mode.

Can’t this be done with an external footswitch in exp 2 for example?

Only the exps work on latching mode, and it momentary … but I would find that useful for the freeze effect…

If used this way is there any concern for values like 10k vs 100k?