iOS Connectivity issues

I can’t get the iphone or ipad to connect to the QC.

Lots of back-and-forth between QC support and Apple support; Apple says it’s the QC’s problem, NDSP says it’s Apple’s problem.

For those of you that successfully use your iphone or ipad with the QC, do you just plug it in and it works? Do you have some magic cable?

Yes, I have tried all sort of cables and adapters, and restarts, and updates, and the usb accessiblity soft switch is turned on in iOS.

I have iphone 13 and ipad 2022 with lightning port.i just use the camera kit and just connect it via usb cable to wc…

Goto to inour screen of qc and set the input…

It works like a charme


Have you had success connecting any other devices to your iPhone? Not all camera kit connectors are created equally when it comes to the knockoffs. Have you tried one of Apple’s branded grossly overpriced connectors? @RJMiddel 's suggestion to set the input?

I don’t know ¯_(ツ)_/¯…does this look right? None of the VU move when I play in this screen connected to usb or not.

I’m using a usb-b (printer type) to usb-c adapter which works connecting the MBA and even an Android phone (which isn’t even supported by the QC).

I can connect the iPhone to the MBA using all sorts of cheap adapters, cables, and hubs, so I don’t think the Apple specific dongle is a must have.

NDSP says it is plug-n-play for iOS. It’s a powered, class c device that shouldn’t require the camera dongle.

I did just plug in my old Scarlett Solo AI and it isn’t recognized, either. On my last iPhone, it would give a message about “not enough power to use” or something like that.

NDSP is correct, the QC is 100% core audio compliant. I can connect either my IPhone or iPad Pro directly and use midi and or usb audio for backing tracks etc., no issues since day 1. I am guessing your adapter is not providing data and only power or something similar. I use the camera connection dongle from Apple which works perfectly with my IPhone and I use a usb-c multi use hub for my iPad Pro which also works perfectly.

With that Apple camera adapter, are you plugging in only to the QC, or are you also connecting the iphone power cable?

Btw, do you have your output block in your signal path set to either ‘Multi’ or one of the USB options?

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I can use it either way, with or without powered.

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OK, I’m just being stubborn, I guess.

Genuine apple adapter ordered, begrudgingly.

Begone lightning, Rise to glory USB-C! LOL

Don’t blame you a bit for the begrudging, that thing is a price gouge. Hope it was from somewhere you can return it if that is not the issue.

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Genuine Apple lightning to usb adapter arrived and works perfectly.

Apple, please forgive me for doubting You and Your ways :roll_eyes:

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Awesome, I’m not sure if you are looking for a USB-C adapter for the IPad Pro but if so, let me know and I’ll link the one I got from Amazon which works nicely for adding multiple I/O and works great as an audio interface as well.

I can connect my PC to QC with no problem using USB 5 as input. But couldn’t with IPhone. It seems QC recognize USB 1&2 as an iPhone input. I could see indicator of in 1/2 is moving when I play music on iPhone and stop moving when I stop iPhone. But as you know, we cannot select USB 1/2 as input of QC. Does anyone know workaround? I use iPhone 13 and iOS 16.3.1.

I’m not 100% sure of what you are asking but if you select the 2nd tab when reviewing USB I/O, you can select defaults USB 1/2 (dry) and USB 3/4 (wet) or reverse if needed. Is that what you need?

Hi, thank you for your advice. I mean I want to choose USB1/2 in input row No.2 because QC seems to recognize my iPhone output as USB 1/2 not USB 5/6.

I go to TAB 2 and try to change dry/wet, but it does not work.

I think I understand now, Inputs available on the signal grid for USB are only USB 5/6 or USB 6/7. You would need an app on your Iphone that allows you to select the USB routing (DAW). What exactly are you trying to do with your Iphone?

Yes! I think you understand my request!
Then I need to specify USB INPUT 1/2 not 5/6.But I use just “music” application that is standard iPhone music application. And I cannot find the way to change USB output number in iPhone.

What I want to do with iPhone is play iPhone music connect to QC and OUTPUT to FRFR speaker connected to QC.
I think I should check further in iPhone side.
Anyway thank you very much for helping me!

By the way, if you want to use your iphone for backing tracks or play along with YouTube etc., just use a camera connection kit and connect directly to QC, adjust your USB levels accordingly (with I/O menu) . I do this all the time and use my Iphone/Ipad for backing tracks and or just practice as needed without issue.

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