iPhone iPad Android connectivity through USB type B port

I’m trying to use the iStrobosoft tuning app on my iphone (SE 3rd Gen, lightning) or ipad (10th gen, lightning).

The QC is not showing up when I plug in the iphone (or ipad) with a lightning to usb type-b cable. Not even the “accessory uses too much power” warning. The Apple camera adapter that every YT video says is the solution is for interface devices that are unpowered, or you don’t have a lightning to usb adapter, I think.

I connected my old Android phone with the excellent Tunertime app and same thing; not recognized. This old phone is my intonation tuner and has enough juice to run a Scarlett Solo AI no sweat.

It seems like there is just no communication. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I looked at the dropdown I/O Settings, USB and didn’t really see anything.