Interaction with Neural

Can anyone confirm there is any interaction with Neural representatives on this board?

What is the board for if no one provides feedback or discourse?

Is there another forum? Seems to be some responses given on TGP but nothing on the home forum?


I haven’t seen any interaction with NDSP on this board. It appears to be a forum for users to connect and help each other out best as possible. Otherwise, I would suggest emailing NDSP support for specifics. Forum responses are at best from others that may have experience with the QC. I have seen Doug frequently reply to a few posts on TGP etc.

They should probably spend some time here on their site with people that have bought and may buy their product…


Agreed! Maybe they will become more responsive on this forum once the QC is rolled out to general public.

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I’ve seen Dan or other guys from support on the forum from time to time

I fully agree with the OP. Though we don‘t know if NDSP still watch this forum. Customer feedback is so valuable for further developments. What‘s the point of noting and voting feature requests here if NDSP do not follow this forum? The topics at TGP (the 1000 pages thread) are so numerous and all over the place, I only follow and post there occasionally. The thread structure of this forum makes it a much better organised place.
So, if someone from NDSP is watching: Prove us wrong and say hello! :wink:


NDSP seem to be more active on their Discord channel.