Incoming MIDI messages are not compatible with MIDI Spec

The majority of the QC’s MIDI CC messages (e.g. those which toggle footswitch state, etc.) fall between the range of 32-63, which the MIDI spec reserves as the LSB of MIDI CC’s 1-31 to facilitate 14-bit values (for smoother continuous controls). Many controllers forbid the use of these values in order to adhere to the spec, and are therefore not QC compatible.

Strictly speaking, the QC appears to be out of spec, and this interface should be changed. Will Neural consider changing the CC#'s that map to switches A-H, etc?

For example, the BOSS EV-1-WL wireless MIDI expression pedal will not work with the Quad Cortex for this reason. Thanks.


Was hoping to use GT-100 as temporary measure to control QC from the floor. Disappointed that QC needs CCs in range 32-63 for button presses.