In search of a good solo tone = Satriani is aimed

Hi there, fellow users

I own five plug-ins: Plini+Nolly+Granophyre+FortinCali+Nameless,

so I am going to post this here, because i am not able to dial in a satrianish solo sound with any of those five. could you please give me a hint to presets that worked well in a mix of yours, so I can have a quick reamp with them.

Plus, i do have artifacts, no matter what i try, not only with Neurals, but none at all with other brands, but anyway: help is appreciated.

Hi, There are 3 for sure I would experiment with. The crunch and lead amps in the Plini, and the white amp in the Nolly. It would also help to find a dedicated ir with 25 watt greenbacks.

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The Simon grove presets would be a good point of departure in the Plini.

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