Impedance has to be changed after every Power Cycle #2

I just saw this thread and it was already closed down. Not sure why.
I have had the same problem (amongst others) and retourned the unit. My new one hasn’t had this problem for a few weeks, but now from time to time it still occurs.

The Neural support asked me for diagnoses of my unit, but never answered back.

@all the mods here: Please stop closing down threads so frequently. Otherwise this forum really loses it’s purpose if topics like these can’t be discussed.


Had the same issue until I tried to power off the unit using the power button, seemed to store the impedance changes and solve the problem…

did you use only the power button ?
or did you use the power button and then one option from the display
which are showing up when hitting the power button ?

Power button then shut down, also power button then reboot seemed to work as well

thats how i do it too but the problem stays

Sorry to hear that, hope support helps you fix it!

I have this problem too now and again.

power button does the same thing as unplugging it - there’s no shutdown process

Since this is not normal behavior for the QC and not an issue that I hear and or see at all, the best course of action for these issues is to contact NDSP to log the issue. If it’s a bug, NDSP will provide a fix in a firmware update. If you are experiencing the issue, please reach out to for assistance. For the record, I have access to three QC units and have been unable to replicate the issue on any units thus far.

@747, since these anomalies are issues that only NDSP support can resolve, we will always suggest to contact support and or close threads to keep things tidy.

I wanted to communicate to everyone in this thread that we are looking into the impedance issue. I will update this thread once I hear what the dev team finds.

If anyone else runs into this please email the support team and send a log. Settings > Contact Us > Send Report

@747 - We close these threads to keep this forum organized as @MP_Mod pointed out. Topics like this need to be handled through the support team so they can diagnose and elevate accordingly if they find it is a bug.

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