Nothing but friggin problems with iLok

At last nights gig I had to walk away without playing due to an issue with an iLok update again. I was in the middle of the country without any network. I have had this problem twice now, the first time I had my pedal board and got away with it. Bloody iLok has updated far too many times for me to be confident in using my Neural DSP plugins for live shows. Not a happy bunny with iLok. Any suggestions guys?

Unfortunately iLok is used by multiple vendors for their plugins so there is no alternative unless you find something that doesn’t authorize via iLok. Have you reached out to iLok support? I personally have never had any issues with iLok but know many who have.

Unfortunately for some reason I have had two iLok fatal errors just before a gig because it had been updated and a pop up message appeared rendering it useless unless I reinstalled it. Because of this I will not be using my beloved Neural DSP plugins at live shows anymore. The hoarse has bolted the stables now as far as iLok is concerned too late to replace my confidence.

Sorry to hear that man, that really sucks, especially having to bail on the gig because of it.

This is why I would be extremely hesitant to use a laptop for gigs. Or at least, have a basic backup setup - a choice OD pedal that covers the few genres I’d need, and some sort of cheap but featureful multifx unit like the Zoom MS-70 that can stack reverb, delay, chorus, compressor etc in one pedal-sized unit.

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