I think I found a bug with the new Mesa plug

Hi, I’m new here so I’m not sure this is the right place.

I’ve found an issue with the “gate” in the new Mesa plug. Even if it’s all the way off, there is still some gate active.

To reproduce, have a highish gain setting and turn the gate all the way down. Turn your volume pot down about half way. The result is a slight delay with the sound kicking in, and if you strike a note/chord, it will fade all the way out. This is far more noticeable with the tweed version than the black.

I wanted to confirm this is not a normal thing, but the other sims don’t seem to have this issue.

Ok, further testing is required. This is under “default”. If I switch to “reset all settings” then it’s basically fine. But “default” or other presets it happens.

I’m on windoze 11. This is strange, I’ll have to make recordings and send them in.