I play an active bass guitar with Bartalini Pickups. I cannot stop massive compression issues

How can I stop Neural DSP from compressing everything? I’ve tried all baas amps and deleted all compressors from my programmed stomps!
Please explain why this is happening !
Thank y’all.

Are you talking about the Quad Cortex? That’s not a complaint we’ve seen too often; would it be possible to share a quick audio example?

What is your signal chain/how are you monitoring?

Yes I’m talking about Quad Cortex
I’m monitoring thru FOH AND 64 in ears!
I’m using both XLR OUTPUTS

IEMs can be tricky for bass. Are they on a battery pack that could be compressing the audio?

FOH is definitely not running any inserts on your channel?

Yes they wireless
But my FOH Engineer is complaining that the compression is eating up the entire bass signal
I’ve turned all the inputs down to practically nothing thinking I may be overdriving the p

Remaps but that doesn’t help either

I understand gain structure but this is very strange

My engineer says it’s a digital distorted signal that’s unexceptable

Fresh battery in bass?
(Sorry to start with the obvious questions, but I’ve just never heard of anyone having this issue with the QC before)

I have an active bass with Bartolini pickups and it sounds fine and certainly doesn’t clip anything unexpectedly. Did it sound like this when you were building the preset? Have you changed the battery in the bass? You say the FOH engineer says it sounds like this and that, but how do you think it sounds?

Have you checked your i/o levels? If you disabled all of the blocks, digital distortion would suggest clipping at the input, I would start there.

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Do you split your signal with some kind of passive transformer based splitter before going to your In-Ear Mixer and FOH? Cheap transformers in microfon splitters can be tricky (sometimes unusable if you tune very low and have a good amount of sub-bass frequencies in your signal) to use with pre-amplified bass signals.