Anybody tried this QC/Real Amp setup?

Hi all,

I have a project coming up where the artist really wants real amps to be used, however I really crave the convenience of the Quad Cortex… I’ve set up a patch where on Row 1 I am basically using Compression and overdrives, end of Row 1 sends to output 3 which I take to my Victory V40 input. I then come out of the effects loop Send of the V40 into Input 2 of my QC, input 2 then runs on row 3 where I add delays and reverbs, Row 3 then sends to Output 4 which I take back to the V40 Effects Loop Return. Seems to be working as I plan but there is definitely some loss of punch in the sound.

Does anyone know of any way to bring this back to life a bit? I am running outputs 3 and 4 at 0db output and the main volume wheel on full.

Theres tonnes of different sounds in this project and also some lines with droning open strings which are in different keys to originally written so the pitch shift function would be really useful on these odd occasions for very specific lines, rather than having to juggle guitars.

Any thoughts/advice would be great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Without being able to hear the preset and only having “loss of punch” to go on, here are some things I might try:

  • Take a look at the compressor’s settings (also try it without the compressor). The compressor can squash things and bury dynamics which may be part of what you associate with “punch”. Try raising the level (makeup gain) on the compressor and adjusting the threshold.
  • Up the gain setting on the amp.
  • Raise the level on the Input block and make sure the noise gate is off or set properly
  • Raise levels elsewhere in your signal chain
  • Adjust your EQ. The EQ can sometimes throw a blanket over things and that can impact your perception of how punchy the sound is.
  • Start again from scratch and try a different preset