I/O Setup - USB-Out when only OUT1/2 selected

Hi everyone,

I keep thinking about getting a Quad Cortex and read a lot in the manual. Still, questions remain unanswered…

Page 42 of the manual shows an I/O setup that I want to use at home, on the one hand to hear the stereo signal on the monitors and on the other hand to use the preset via my Fender Twin from time to time. Now, of course, I would like to record output 1/2 as a stereo signal via USB on my Mac in addition to the DI signal.

Is this possible “automatically” in the setup shown? Or shouldn’t the Multi-Out block be selected instead of OUT 1/2? But then the separate mono output to the Twin would no longer work?

I don’t think the manual is that clear…

Thanks you for your support!


You don’t need to select multi-out. I just quickly tested it on my iPad and seems to be going to 1/2.
But in the I/O settings the 2nd page on USB settings, Dry-Wet, needs to be set to 1/2-3/4 (which is the default setting).
If you select 3/4-1/2 then you need to have Multi Out enabled in the preset.