Hybrid Mode

Hi Everyone, further to my video that @brianvallotton kindly posted a couple of days ago, I’ve uploaded a new video that talks about the basics of Hybrid Mode which may be helpful for any new users.

I’ve said before (more than once) that i believe the switching functionality of the QC is primitive (at best) when compared to much of the competition but since Hybrid Switching is the best option (without relying on MIDI and additional Expression Pedals), hopefully this video answers some questions on how to maximise your presets.

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Hey man,
Glad to see you active here on the forum. I am going to enjoy learning from you about the Hybrid Mode. I have not even got as far as trying it out. Thanks for sharing.

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I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for creating it.

I was thinking of a hybrid set up (inspired by your video) for Sunday Worship sets. Usually most churches run 3 songs, then the sermon, then a single song post sermon.

I’m thinking of a Preset + Scene Hybrid set up where the top four buttons are presets. Each preset would represent a different song (so 4 preset buttons equals 4 songs).

Then the bottom 4 buttons would be for scenes within each preset. Something like “Verse,” “Chorus,” “Bridge,” and “Lead.” Obviously the four scenes would be whatever is needed for the song/preset though and could be different for each one.

Yeah, that would work… easy done if it’s only a handful of songs. For my purposes, I need to think of things more holistically because we may play anything up to 40 songs per night, so I like to set things up to be flexible enough to cover most of it. I don’t want to be “tap dancing” all night! :joy:There are only a small number of songs in our repertoire that require special presets.

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im curious, why is the switching primitive? what´s the best switching technology?

@Cheems It’s primitive in that they (NDSP) are only allowing each switch a single press function. Many MultiFX these days have additional flexibility such as a double press function whereby you could toggle between two states as seen in the Kemper with its Morph feature. This effectively doubles the capability of the unit. Then there are some that offer long press functionality whereby a 3 second press can do something different… for such a groundbreaking product with it’s incredible UI, it blows my mind that NDSP have not extended the switch functionality beyond their most basic of functions.


@tian.jay Discussion about assignable footswitches has long been established at this point. Please vote on these: