Hissing During Playing!!

CorOS Version: 2.2.2

Describe your issue:
When I play, there is a hissing/feedback noise at the end of my notes.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Turn on QC
  2. Play almost any preset
  3. Listen to the tail end of the notes

I expected this to happen:
Play notes without a bunch of extra noise

I have tried the following things:

  • Switched out/unplugged certain cables
  • Monitored through studio monitors and headphones
  • Updated QC

Obviously I am not the first to post about this, but I thought I’d be clear about my specific settings. I just updated the QC, I’m running TRS cables into studio monitors, and a USB out to my new Macbook Pro. The hissing seems to happen regardless of my input volume. Proper gainstaging for my guitar is around +10 dB, but the noise is present even at unity.

Here are some audio samples: Sample 1
Sample 2

Please help, because holy christ am I getting frustrated.

Ahoj, mám ten samý problém. Dělá mi to u některých továrních záchytů. Vypni kompresor a bude to lepší.

The bright, hissing/ringing noise sounds like coil whine or noise induced into the pickups through nearby electronics.

I get pretty much exactly this kind of noise when I move my guitar too close to my PC.

I have also had the same kind of noise come and go with other USB audio hardware, depending on the cables or hubs (or no hubs) used.

So maybe you should try to use only the QC with headphones, as far away as possible from computers, TVs, wireless routers and similiar devices.
See if that gets rid of the noise.
Then return to your current setup step by step by adding the USB connection, moving closer to the MacBook and observe when the noise gets worse.

If all of this fails, you should contact Neural DSP support to see if they can sort it out.