How to switch easily between multiple guitars

Hello, I own two electrical guitars. What is the best way to seamlessly transition between playing them, without having to plug out the cable from one and put it in the other? I have tried connecting one to input 1, the other to input 2 and then have the sound be stereo input 1/2 but noticed that the sound is then lower than if I just set it as input 1. Do I keep it like that and just increase the volume, or is there a way I can assign changing between input 1 and 2 on tapping one of the switches?

here’s a template I built, it uses Scene Mode to make a ‘switcher’ between Input 1 and Input 2.
Just build your usual signal chain after the point where Lane 2 joins Lane 1. Let me know if that works for you:

another approach would be to have a duplicate signal chain- one for each input (1 and 2)
There are a couple other ways it could be done if that doesn’t suit your needs

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Get a NUX B-5RC Wireless Guitar System. Press the button on the transmitter to mute and unmute. Then you can quickly change guitars with no cables to worry about.

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But you still have to plug/unplug the transmitter unit?

Yes, of course, but it is a small unit that easily fits in your hand and takes no time to move from guitar to guitar. It for example takes less time than making sure the cable is properly wrapped in your strap and out from under your feet when changing guitars.

try having both the guitars plugged in before you power the unit on, this unit does some scans on its ports and their impedance or something when the unit powers on which is what causes hum for people who have the units outputs plugged in to their PA or whatever when the unit boots up and scans its ports.

this is just a shot in the dark, but maybe it does this kind of scan on the INPUTS too, i dont know… but if it does, it could possibly calibrate itself in a more usable fashion based on its power on boot up scan.

i have no idea if this is even valid for the inputs, but it wouldnt hurt to try. Just plug in both of your guitars to the inputs 1 and 2, and THEN power the QC on and see if it does the trick for you. I would love to know how it works out.