How to Mix and Mastering?

Guys anyone want to help me a little? I have been using the neural plugins to mix, but I feel that the results are absurdly bad, I don’t know if the client has recorded in the worst possible way but for no reason I manage to make it sound good, I try to approach bands like arch enemy, things like that, but I can’t do it, is there a forum dedicated to mixing where someone can guide me better? What do you think of the mix? would you dare to mix as you practice?

I would recommend watching Nolly’s mixing masterclass on YouTube:

That helped me a lot! A tip is to watch the masterclass and process one of your own songs while watching. You can do most of what he does with the stock plugins in your DAW, if you don’t have FabFilter and other fancy plugins he uses. Follow every step he does and save presets in your DAW of the processing so that you can just smack that on other mixes you have. Obviously you will have to do some tweaking on your own to fit your song, but atleast you will have a starting point.


Thanks man

I will follow the steps of the mixing videos

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Doesn’t sound bad to me at all. Maybe just the double kick is a bit too high in the mix and that’s it. Also I don’t know whether you are using a mastering plugin, that would be helpful, there are quite a few available out there, I’ve got good results with the Drawmer S73, but your results may vary.