Copy and paste part of a scene in another scene

Maybe this is too basic , is there any way i can copy and paste part of a scene in order to create anoter scene based only in one botton of the previous scenen ? . For instace if i like the way i have created a solo and i want to use it for another scene , now i dont see the way to copy and paste only the solo botton of the scene.

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I saw someone the other day mention that the easiest work around is to “set parameters as defaults” on the blocks you want to copy and then start a new preset and put them in the order you had on your other preset

Thaks i thougt there was a better way of ( inside the scene ) copy and paste the preset as it is and paste it in another scene . It Make sense for me .

If i have a large section to copy i just press “save as” and make a new preset and edit from there. These are the only ways i’ve found, I don’t know if a select multiple blocks function is coming but I hope so

You can either copy the whole scene to an other preset and delete the blocks you don’t want or copy and individual block from one scene to another.