Ability to copy blocks across preset

When I dial in the perfect IR combination or settings for chorus, delay, reverb etc, it would be nice if I can copy and paste the block from one preset to another. For example, maybe I need several presets to have a similar element. I’m having to take pictures and recreate. I could save as the entire preset but then I need to work harder to change what isn’t the same…

While that would be useful, the default settings feature is something of a workaround.

Good point but I like the defaults as they are :slight_smile:

Another options is a Favorites field that allows you to save a certain block and all it’s features to a favorites folder. Then you just recall or drop the favorite into the new preset.

Bingo. Like fractal block library. This is a must.

Dual path guitar/vocal :
It would be also very useful to duplicate a standard vocal chain on all presets (on input 2 for example).