How many of you are adding FX after DSP?

I have been trying to get an effect that the Nolly delay and reverb just cant do, what are you guys using as extra guitar effects or pedals after the plugin?
Another sim and by passing the amp?

i have this chain > guitar into pedal board with fuzz, effects >> audio interface >> PC windows neural dsp plugin.

Regarding Delay and reverb, the Plini wet effects sounds GREAT with fx Fortin Cali in a DAW

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absolutely, especially when i´m jamming with headphones early in the morning or late in the evening/night, some delay and reverb are essential for me.

for room reverb, i´m using UA Capitol Chambers, and for Delay i very much like to use UA EP34 Tape Delay into Copper Time Cube

i would love to have some basic reverb/delay section on the plugins, the fortin cali suite comes totally dry and it would be amazing to have some sort of in the standalone version


i am guessing your running an Apollo is similar?
whats your thoughts on UA interfaces? im torn between an pallo and a audient sono

oh yes indeed, i run an apollo quad 19" interface, which gives me plenty of options
jumping into the UAD world is a kinda expensive journey, though their plugins are sounding fantastic
i really love the ability to use their plugins already on their way in through UA console.
if i were new to the plattform, i dont know, if i would hav got the apollo but i was already using the UAD-2 PCI cards for a couple of years and had plenty of their plugins… so it became a real benefit also being able to use them in the Console for tracking live without to worry about latency, or such. I do have no experience with the Audient Sono Interface, i´m sorry, but from what i heard, the Audient Interface should be pretty good and have nice preamps!

again, UAD-2 is a pretty pricey land, if you want to join this platform and get most out of it, it will cost quite some… the more plugins you purchase, the more you want to use them and the more DSP power you will need, so you have to invest in more expansion cards or satellites