Total noob needs confirmation

Hey good people everywhere!

Im just now starting to learn playing and habe zero experience and since it says you can destroy the box if you do it wrong ; i wanted to be on the safer side.
I want to plug this into the UAD-LUNA.
Is it
Out from guitar—Into effect pedals----Into Input 1.
Out from “Capture Out” and Into the UAD ?

And since Im asking dumb questions ; is the best way to go through the presets to just go up/down on the box,or are there a better way?
And most important; can i capture the sound i make with the effect pedals in the box ?

Thank you for bearing with me :slight_smile:
Have the best of days


What are you trying to do here? Just record your QC in UA’s LUNA DAW? if I am doing this I tend to go Guitar into Input 1, then take Outputs 1+2 and run them to my interface then load up a stereo channel in Luna. Can then pan L+R and use nice stereo effects etc.

Effects pedals, depends what you want to use… if you use a compressor on the QC then you may want to consider using any dirt pedals in the loops of the QC, then you can insert them in signal chain wherever you please.

Bless you _Thank you so much for taking time out.
I only have 1 input on the UAD…its the apollo twin.
I bought the X16 as well, but theres no guitar input on that one.
BUt i do have stereo to mono cables, so i can do it that way.
no compressor.
But I have a couple of Meris pedals, and for some songs i like to use an eq to open the sound some, and maybe the mojo for a little grit, nothinbg extreme.
BUt you use the pedals before the QC, right?
So guitar out…EQ,Mojo,Eventide H9,.meris–Input1 in the QC and output 1&2 to the Apollo twin?
I do appreciate you taking time out lots…I just started playing a year ago, and after a couple of months of playing with effects ie made some songs finally.I understand its boring to answer noobs like this for more experienced guys like yourself, but it is appreciated.
Have the best of days!

Hi there.

If you have the Apollo twin you have all you need to record in stereo.

Don’t worry about using the Hi-Z guitar input on the front of the Apollo, that’s for if you are plugging a guitar straight into the input of your Apollo Twin and using amp sims within your DAW (Luna).

Take an XLR from Out 1 and put into one of the inputs on the rear of the Apollo Twin. Take another from Out 2 and into the other input on the rear. You could also do this with standard guitar cables from out 3 and out 3.

The quad cortex sends at line level so make sure your interface is adjusted appropriately (I think the Apollo will only accept line level inputs if standard jack leads are plugged in)

Then I find it easiest to use the ‘Link’ button on the interface and then as I said, load up a stereo channel in Luna and you’re away!

With regards to your pedals, do what you think sounds best. Also, don’t forget that you can capture your pedals on the QC if you have favourite settings. Then you can load them up within the unit without having to plug them in.

Hope the above makes sense. :slight_smile:

It’s better just to use the QC USB straight in a not use the other interface. By connecting the outputs of the QC to the inputs of the interface it’s doing another level of DAC.

He can’t do this if he is using Luna because it doesn’t support third party interfaces. The DAW comes free with UA interfaces.

Daft I know