How does Quad Cortex really interface with the Archetype Plugins?

Ok, so I know that the Quad Cortex is claimed to support the Archetype plugins - from what I’ve heard, you can load the same sounds from the Archetype plugins into the Quad Cortex and they should sound identical, and (I assume) have the same controls as the plugin to some extent?

I’m just a bit confused because (unless someone can correct me) there have been ZERO examples shown of how Archetype plugins work with Quad Cortex. Like… zero. I haven’t seen how they load, how they look, how they work, etc. in the QC engine.

I ask because the QC engine is very specialized. It has its own set of controls and concepts which seem to be, at least somewhat, distinct from the Archetype plugins.
If I, let’s say, load something from Archetype: Nolly… what does it look like in QC?
Will it just be little boxes representing each aspect of a particular Nolly preset?

It just seems like it would be an awkward integration since the Archetype plugins have their finite, matched Cabs to Amps, but in QC, if I select an amp to change it, there is no matched cab concept. Would I have to select a Nolly Amp from a massive list of amps, then, have to figure out what the matched Nolly Cab is called, and select that from a massive list too? Is it a smooth process? (I can only imagine how annoying it would be having to figure out what Nolly Amp #2 is called, from a huge list, then what the matched cab is called in QC, etc.)

I can’t be the only one wondering about this, as the QC purports to offer us a zero latency, zero CPU drain, hardware version of our favorite favorite Archetype plugins… which is a very attractive thing! (I would absolutely love a portable, hardware Archetype: Nolly!).
But I worry that I’m just going to have to design my presets on the VST, to then load them on the QC as a preset - am I right about this?

TLDR: What the heck does it look like to load Archetype plugins on Quad Cortex? No one has shown this for some reason.

As far as I recall they (I think it was Doug) only said it will be possible in the future, not right now. So that’s why you didn’t see that so far. Guess we will just have to wait and see but I’m sure they will work out a great way, QC should be powerful enough to handle it.

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yep… it will be a future update and I believe the Neural DSP Plugins (all of the ones you own) will be available through your NDSP cloud account.

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Yep, I got the same answer from DSP N and I’m just as intrigued to learn how this will be assimilated … I guess it isn’t hard for them to simply add the amp, attendant pre and post pedals and presets and then perhaps even smart-link them all to provide the familiar interface under a new icon on the screen … because the interface is so visual you think there’s a ton of flexibility and potential to come… all very exciting

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it will be interesting to see how NDSP sets up the UI for your plugins.

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Yeah that’s just it. Currently there aren’t matched cabs or anything like that built into QC.
I’m just really hoping they do something special with the interface of it… my worry is that it will just import the IRs for each part of the Archetype plugin and just give you access to your VST’s presets rather than doing the whole interface and look.

As much as I like the sleek look of the QC interface, I think the VST plugin GUI is particularly remarkable… some of the best-looking plugins I’ve seen in a long time. I hope they find a way to import that experience into the QC in a way that works.

Also, I am very surprised by the lack of Amp/Cab matching currently in QC. I should be able to load one VOX AC30, for example, and just get a VOX AC30. And with that lovely display, it would be great to have a view where I see an actual AC30.

#skeuomorphism :slight_smile:

keep in mind: the QC is designed as a floor unit… for on stage… so seeing this artificial representation of amps etc is not the primary goal… of course many if not all of us will be using it with our recording setups at home and elsewhere… but I really think what appeals to me is ALL the actual gear I can eliminate using on stage with this singular unit and some good playback speakers.

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Also, I am very surprised by the lack of Amp/Cab matching currently in QC. I should be able to load one VOX AC30, for example, and just get a VOX AC30. And with that lovely display, it would be great to have a view where I see an actual AC30.

As already stated, the interface is different! IMHO similar ideas on instruments like the Korg Kronos and some Roland synths look quite cluttered with images of the instruments in their 7" displays. The other extreme are the Valhalla plugins with really spartan interfaces.

As for matching, the idea would be to make presets with the amp/speaker combo, but not being locked to as certain cab. I’d suppose the future implemented NDSP SW plugins would include the factory and artist presets.

I guess the desktop software that will be released for QC might solve much of the GUI/UX stuff… a nice interface on the desktop + zero latency recording and DSP of the hardware.

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Still going to keep bumping this thread because I really like the Neural DSP plugins, and I’d like to be able to record in the studio with zero latency and zero CPU usage (from the Quad Cortex).

I love the Quad Cortex concept in itself, but part of the selling point for me was the promise that we will be able to load the plugins into it. I come from using hardware amp modelers, and I’m literally holding back buying the plugins too because I just don’t know how long they plan on taking with the Archetype Plugin integration for Quad Cortex.

If they’d at least comment on it further, or give a timeline, I’d feel way more comfortable buying more plugins and investing in a Quad Cortex. But it’s now looking like this feature could take much longer to show up in the QC. And I really don’t like using guitar amp modeling plugins, (I hate dealing with latency).

(*And yeah, sorry, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would use Quad Cortex in studio rather than live. And I’m also sure I’m not the only one who would like a nice interface for these Archetype plugins on QC. Aesthetics/Workflow/GUI matters to some people.)

It’s a really interesting question, auxorion. I just assumed we’d get the device blocks (amps, cabs, effects) and the factory presets from the plugin, but not a different interface.

I love my Archetype Nolly plugin, but the signal chain being kind of “locked” can be frustrating. I much prefer a Quad Cortex or even Helix Native style interface for ultimate flexibility.

The plugins are still great tho, for getting a quick usable tone and getting that idea recorded (and then going back and tweaking the plugin later). I guess to replicate this studio workflow on the QC you’d need to record dry and wet signals into the DAW and re-amp through the QC later?

p.s. your avatar wins.

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The more I think of it, I think the Neural DSP product line might be sorely lacking some kind of hardware “Archetype Player” unit that is a hardware front-end for the plugins. Maybe like a Single version of the Quad, dedicated to mobile. <1ms latency playback of the Neural plugins.

There’s no reason why the Quad Cortex can’t also serve as one. But something of a middle ground would make sense. I frankly feel like a couple of Archetype plugins is more than enough tone for a lifetime of productions. I just can’t stand the workflow of using VST/AU for guitar processing

(The fact that so many people purchase hardware amp sims seems to confirm that many people agree)

(Yeah Commodore is the best lol)