Change of MIDI Tuner/Gig View Behavior very disappointing

I was not aware that along with the last update, they changed the behavior of the Tuner and Gig View using MIDI. Before it acted as a toggle, now there are specific values which either turn the tuner function or the gig view on and off.

I have been using a Morningstar MC6, where one button toggles the tuner, and another toggles Gig View. This is the way I want it to work. Now I can understand implementing new values in which you can specify the state, but don’t TAKE AWAY the ability to toggle as it did!!

The solution I’ve found thus far, which is far from ideal, is that I now have to double press the button to turn the tuner on, press it once to turn it off. The other I double press to go grid view, one press for gig view. But I was perfectly happy toggling between the two.

Also, while making sure that the new CC’s were working properly, my unit completely just blacked out and died. It rebooted just fine, but I’m just saying. This is not the first time I’ve updated the QC and have had issues which have made me extremely disappointed. For things like this, you really need to add something as an option, without taking the original functionality away. I’m sure I’m not the only one who preferred it the way it was.

I’ve been hemming and hawing for months over buying an FM9 to see if I should be selling the QC. Having experiences like this, definitely does not help. Ok, rant off.

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I’m also very disappointed. The old behaviour suited my needs much better.
Neural could just have have assigned CC#0 to toggle CC#1 to off and CC#2 to on - or some similar approach.

It’s easy to change the MC6 ( or MC8 ) to toggle mode = ON, assign off value (0 to 64) to PO1, and on value (65 to 127) to PO2 to achieve the same behavior it had before the update.

I think the reason they changed it has something to do with programming for more midi control in the future. Al least I’m hoping that’s what it is


Oh! I’ll have to look into this later! Thank you so much! I do think I’m lucky to have such a versatile controller such as the Morningstar. If I was still using something like the old Midi Mate I used for years, I’d be forced into using two buttons for the tuner and two for the gig view. Thanks again!

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Exactly. That’s what I don’t get. Leave the toggle CC as is, then go ahead and add new CC’s or values for new functions. Sounds like I can get my MC6 setup in a way so that it still toggles, I have to mess with it later this week. I just hoped if I complained that they would fix it in a future update and bring back a toggle CC for tuner and gig view.

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You’re welcome! It seems the first time I set it up, I had to double press the button to get it to work at first. Then, I may have swapped PO1, and PO2 to make it work correctly. Either way, It works just as it always has for me now.

I love the Morningstar products!

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I agree that is not ideal but if it helps I sold my FM9 and kept the QC. FYI I use the tuner on my Shure GLXD16+ though.

Appreciate the insight!

Bro! Works like a charm! Thank you so so much. I was already getting SO sick of the double press. Now it’s back to the way it was! I would have never thought it was possible. Those MC controllers just have a million options to them! haha

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You are welcome! Glad I could help :smiley:

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Since I was using toggle for other needs is possible with the morningstar to achieve a continuous behaviour of the button using “message scroll” set to on and set the action on release, they will loop one ofter the other.

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