How do we update our plugins?

Just received the email that some of our plugins have been updated to Apple silicon. How do we update the plugins? Do we reinstall the plugins or run the installer again?

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Download and run the new installer. Beware if you are using these plugins using midi control in DAW projects or live rigs. The parameters all shifted for me and it took me hours to remap and fix everything. I lost a bunch of settings I had dialed in because the parameters changed. Looks like I’ll need to take screenshots of the settings going forward or risk losing them.

For example, in Cali, the amp switcher was param #61 and it is now #63. Multiply times every parameter you have mapped and automated. Pure chaos. Wish they would have left the params alone.

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My current Mesa Boogie Plugin is using 18% of CPU in standalone mode. Does this mean the latest versions for M1 will use less, also, how can I tell what version I have?