M1 update?


I’d love to buy some plugins for black friday but i’ve upgraded to a M1 macbook pro.

There seems to be no info about a M1 native update. Are there any plans to update your plugins ? If so, which ones ?



Same here … Looking to see if Mac M1 compatibility is a thing before I buy. I understand how the Mac can deal with legacy architecture but memory saving and M1 true compatibility is what I am looking for.


I am very interested in this as well. It would be great if we had an indication from Neural.

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iLok Manager was just updated with silicon support so hopefully thats a good sign for the Neural plugins!

Hi @jimid3 , you can try the 14 day trial of any plug-in to see if it works with your specific system etc.

Hi @MP_Mod, my dilemma was whether to buy an M1 laptop or not. I finally took a leap of faith and landed on my feet. :blush:

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Great to hear! Have the plug-ins worked for you so far?

Yes, everything works just fine! :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for the update!