How do I track wet with DI with QC?

I’ve tried a couple things. I thought I was successful last night but appears I’m not. Currently I have my guitar into my radial DI and the DI signal into my interface, then I have the through from the DI box to the QC and the QC out to the interface on a different channel. The DI function works great but for some reason the tone from the QC is now muddier and less gain. How are you guys tracking a DI track next to a wet track with the QC?

Using the QC as your USB interface, I would simply assign a track for USB 1/2 (DI by default) and a separate track for USB 3/4 (processed by default). On the QC, you can select which is default within the settings. If not using the QC as your interface, you could always use a splitter and send DI to one output and processed via another output. Lots of ways to attack that process.

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You shouldn’t need the direct box. You could rout the unprocessed signal through row 2 by placing a splitter ahead of all your blocks, right after the input, and assigning row 2 to the output of your choosing. You can still use the output from your processed signal to send to your DAW from other outputs. Check page 21 of the manual.

You could also use the QC as your interface and record USB outputs 1 and 2 which come directly from the input. Check page 86 of the manual.

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So I broke down and just slapped the QC into my PC and using it as an interface. I was hesitant to do so because I have a weird audio setup cause my pc isn’t just for music. I play games and do a lot of other things as well. But I gatta say, this thing is sweet as an interface. It took me a little bit to get the routing right, but I have it set up now and ever he bing is great.


Congratulations! Glad you found a solution you’re happy with. You’re also avoiding another generation of D/A-A/D.

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