How do I avoid low rumble sound coming from low E string?

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When I strum a chord using low strings (E-A-D), sometimes there is this annoying low hum. I did some googling and I guess it can be removed using low-cut. But is low-cut something I can find on QC or is it done during the mixing? Also what about compressors or equalizers? Can I use them to get rid of that hum? If so, can you give me which parameters I should play with? Thanks!

If you have CorOs on your QC, the new global EQ works awesome for this. This is from the update page,

A global EQ has been added to Out 1/2 and Out 3/4, and is available via the I/O Settings screen. Tap the EQ button on the I/O Settings screen to open a 5-band parametric EQ that you can assign to either Out 1/2, Out 3/4, or both pairs of outputs.

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You can dial out that low end resonance by putting in a Hi-Pass as the first thing in your signal chain. Adjust until it doesn’t happen, takes a bit of tweaking but works great. Can compensate by adding a bit of arse-end on your amp block EQ

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Here’s a good thread that gets into more detail on EQing. Hope this helps.

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