Assign preset tempo to expression pedal?

Is there a way to assign the preset’s tempo (i.e. after you tap it in), to an expression pedal? I have a specific use I’m trying to troubleshoot…

Using a 100% feedback tape delay which I’ll need to tap in to the exact tempo of each performance, which I then need to slowly sweep the delay time much longer to get that slow down the record effect, but also nicely garbled.

I know I can do it without the delay synced to tempo, but it would be nice to be able to tap in the tempo, then sweep the delay time with expression (or even the knob in parameters).

Or even if the tapped tempo could be reflected in the ‘delay time’ parameter, so I could toggle the sync off and the delay time would still be at the tapped in tempo. I dunno.

Not sure how useful this feature is outside of the particular case I’m describing.

I am not aware of any method to globally assign all presets tempo setting, or even an entire individual preset’s tempo at once to the expression pedal.

You can assign multiple parameters from multiple blocks within a preset to the expression pedal. So for example, you could select your delay block, assign the ‘Delay Time’ parameter to the expression pedal using the “three-dots” on the left hand of the screen. Then go over to, for example, your phaser block and assign the ‘Speed’ parameter to the expression pedal as well, using the same method.