How can I port my Jam Tracks into/through the QC and play guitar with my headphones?

I was wondering if there was a way to pipe the sound from my Mac Desktop into the QC so that when I am playing my Jam Tracks from Truefire I could practice quietly with headphones. Does the USB cable plugged into a Mac carry any music through it or only data? So ultimately I am looking for a way to have BOTH the backing track and the sound of my guitar in my headphones at the same time. Any help or thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

Hey @BrianVallotton! So if you have your QC plugged in to your Mac via USB it functions as an audio interface so you can route sound to/from your Mac. Be sure you go to sound preferences in your Mac and select the QC for both the input and output device. Then, all audio will be routed through the QC. You’ll just have to adjust the volume of the Truefire tracks via the browser volume control or your QC amp/tone volume to match levels however you want them.


Thank you very much Frank! This is great to hear. I am really enjoying this forum. How long have you had your QC? I just got mine two days ago as a gift from my wife for my 62nd birthday. 62 and still learning and hoping to keep on going with it for a long time. Thanks again man.

Well happy belated birthday! I’ve had my QC since September of last year and am still discovering stuff with it and playing with it. It’s a great unit. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.

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You have hit the nail on the head there! Rock on!

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