High end fizz control tips

Just looking for tips on shaping the distortion on some of the amp sim plugins. I have the NTS, Granophyre, Nameless, and Archetype. They’re all fantastic, much more realistic and responsive than some of the other plugins I’ve used.

I’ve noticed something about all of them though; Even though they all have their own distinct characteristics, they share a common characteristic fuzz at around 2.5k. I’ve noticed it’s most pronounced on the NTS. On most amps, I’d control this by rolling back the gain a bit, but the NTS has it as soon as the gain is turned up at all, and it’s present throughout the range.

As an experiment, I took two instances of the Nameless and created a crossover just under 2k, fed the high pass signal from a lower gain patch, and the low pass signal from a higher gain patch. The fizz was lessened, which was great, but I had some issues with the way the crossover interacted with sound, and I wasn’t completely happy with the overall sound. It seems like a hacky way to go about things anyways.

I’m after a punchy high-gain sound, but with controlled almost dry high-end.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks as far as shaping the high end characteristics? I’ve tried presence, treble, different gain settings, different cabs, etc…

Using an eq plugin after the amp in a DAW is the most obvious way imo. For standalone using 3rd party impulses may be the solution.