Hi Guys what is the latest software /firmware update?

Hi Guys what is the latest software /firmware update?
and is the Midi working better ?
Like to send midi out messages in QC Preset mode but ,the manual says it’s not possible.

sorry to say guys, but the competitors software works way better.
I only have to program it for a customer but the info you get from the QC YouTube and manuals are really bad.

but it looks good .hahaha

Current FW is CorOS:1.2.2. This is indicated on NDSP’s site for future reference.
The MIDI works perfectly and requires scene mode per the manual etc.

Currently, the QC doesn’t have any competition as it is the only modeler to include full accurate modeling, accurate amp/drive/EQ capturing in the smallest form factor with a large touch-screen editor out of the box. I don’t know of any competitor other than Kemper that actually captures and Fractal products require a PC editor to edit presets etc. Therefore the statement “but the competitors software works way better” is subjective at best. Don’t be sorry to indicate you like the competitors software better for you, it’s just kind of troll-ish to post stuff like that here. Good luck with the competition and glad you found something that works better for you as that is all that matters.

Looks great, sounds phenomenal out of the box and gets more impressive with every FW update!

You can’t be serious…

This is patently false. Not sure why you feel the need for the apologetics. Helix software is well-executed and well-loved (personally, I despise it), the Fractal editor is top notch, and I’ve never heard anything bad about the Kemper software (nothing good either, but still).

That said, I’m not sure what the point of the post is, myself; just to ask about the FW and MIDI functionality? Personally, I hope the MIDI develops significantly. I automate almost my entire set using OnSong, so to be able to freely assign PCs and CCs in order to change presets, scenes, turn blocks on and off, adjust parameters, etc. is invaluable to my workflow.

Of course I am serious. Currently, the QC doesn’t have any competition which includes full accurate modeling, accurate amp/drive/EQ capturing in the smallest form factor with a large touch-screen editor out of the box. If you are aware of another product that includes all those features, please feel free to enlighten us/me.

While it’s technically true that the Fractal products can be edited on the unit itself, it’s certainly not easy and most would agree the UI is somewhat outdated etc. In order to edit presets and or blocks easily, a PC/MAC editor is required. With the QC, while an editor/manager would be beneficial, currently editing blocks and presets is as easy as tweaking real components with the touch screen.

You’re right; editing on the unit definitely takes some getting used to. The QC has the most user-friendly UI by a million miles. But this is the only area it doesn’t have competition; the competition in terms of accurate amp/cab/effect/drive/EQ in a small form factor is fierce. I appreciate that you love the QC, but to deny that there is healthy competition is to ignore reality. I tell you what, though; once the plugins are included, it will be unstoppable, especially if they get the MIDI implementation up to snuff :slight_smile:

I was essentially stating there is no other products that do everything the QC does and meets all the same comparisons.

Personally, I love/need the capture feature the most and Kemper is the only product that does that etc., but you could say the same about other products as they all offer something the other products don’t in some way or another.

I agree once the plugins are added to the QC, it will be a more phenomenal product! We are in a good place that there are so many products to cater to everyone’s individual needs. The QC met all my requirements out of the box (and prior to past updates etc.) and I realize that everyone has specific needs / wants etc.

Happy new year bud! :grinning:

Haha, well yeah; so you’re basically saying the QC is the only thing that is exactly like the QC. I can’t argue with that. But practically speaking, the features (or lack thereof) of all the current modelers is what creates that competition.

The UI of the QC may be the deciding factor for someone to go with that over the FM3. The modeling and effects in the FM3 may be what makes one person choose that over the Helix. The Variax connectivity may be what makes someone choose the Helix over the Kemper. The Kemper’s profiling may be what makes them choose that over the GT-1000.

Ultimately, the MIDI capabilities were what made me choose the FM3 over the QC; I thought the QC sounds great and has a great UI, but my set is more or less fully automated via freely assignable MIDI. We’ll see where the QC sits in a few more months or a couple years. I’m sure MIDI functionality is on their list of improvements :slight_smile:

But yes, cheers to you as well - have a fantastic new years :smiley: