Help with setting up detune pedal in QC stereo effects loop?


I’m new to the Quad Cortex. I did read the manual but still don’t quite understand. I have a Boss PS-6 pedal setup for detune and would like to know how I would connect the PS-6 to the QC effects loop so the detune effect is in stereo? The PS-6 has one input and two outputs. Would I need a splitter cable for going into the PS-6?

Any help is appreciated.


Here’s the solution if anyone is curious. Thanks to Neural DSP Support for this:

"Row 1 has input 1 setup as that is where my instrument is connected. I set up an overdrive pedal for flavor and then the amp “head”.

After the amp I have the FX loop send 1, which goes to my effect pedal which in you case would be the input of the PS-6.

After FX Loop Send I set up a Splitter.

Then I set up FX Loop Returns 1 on the top lane, and 2 on the bottom lane, and after each one I set up a Cab block in mono, which then go to their individual outputs which in my case are 3 and 4.

I am not using lane 3 or 4 in this setup."

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that’s interesting. I held off posting anything because I haven’t tried that particular setup personally.
I wonder why they recommend the splitter over using the Return 1/2 block on the grid, followed by a stereo Cab or IR loader? I guess so you could apply individual fx to the separate sides of the pedal returns. You could also have separate EQs for the stereo lanes too. Pretty versatile.

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Don’t you need the splitter for the stereo detune effect? Where one side is cents decreased and the other side is cents increased. For example, the left side is set to -10 cents and the right side is set to +10 cents. Otherwise, without the splitter, the left and right sides will be combined together?

Possibly. That’s how I’ve always done the micro-pitch trick, on a splitter.
But for stereo pedals I’ve always used the FXLoop 1/2 block on one Lane, sent to multi-out and that preserves my stereo image. Haven’t really experimented enough with separate send/returns, maybe it requires the split for that particular layout

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