Help needed urgently, all plug-ins do not run efficiently

Hi there support team and fellow users,

I am running now the Omega, Plini, Nolly and the Fortin Nameless on my machine. Following serious problems i have mentioned on sevenstring already, but i finally recognised that this here is the right place to ask, :grinning: - better late than never.

To make a long story short, I am going to provide you guys with some DIs I have recorded. They do not clip, playing is average but technically they are okay and not normalised. All of them sound TERRIBLE with all of my Neural sims!

Every touch of the pick creates some sort of veiled distortion and unwanted fizziness. I am almost sure that there is some kind of thechnical issue here, some kind of weird incombatibility with my CPU or soundcard. Specs of my PC and DAW will follow later. Could you guys please have a listen to those re-amped tracks, but please could someone load the DIs into his plug-in and use a preset, this is the only way to verify whether it is my system that produces those strange sounds.

Cubase is running smoothly with apprx. 20% CPU usage here, but when I start to use only two instances of ANY amp, I get crackles and momentary overloads which makes me believe that sth strange is going on. Specs will follow. Help would be appreciated. Oh I can only link one file, ok more maybe later …

Win10, CPU i7-9700K, Geforce RTX 2080, Steinberg UR22mk2 Soundcard, MSI mainboard

DI Track
Reamped with Neural’s Omega

Hello @geraldo7h7. Your clean DI file seems to be clipping somewhere in your signal chain. It could be that you exported it too loud or maybe is clipping in the way in. You can clearly see the trimmed peaks, and the audible effect is also noticeable.

Regarding the possible overloads/crackling noises, take a look at our guide for PC optimization and be sure to measure your system with Latencymon, this way you can determine if the audio dropouts have something to do with hardware incompatibility/DPC latency.

Remember that you can send screenshots and/or audio clips to

Hello Gonzalo,

thank you so much for chiming in that quickly. Your little guide for optimizing is very helpful, I did not know that Windows is in default mode configured that badly. I have an improvement here.
The peaks are rare now and the sound much better.
How did you analyze my file though, because the DI and the resulting file look like that here.

Thank you again for this quick reply, this was customer service at its best.

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Maybe the clean DI track was raised in level on the way out, it is clearly noticeable around 00:17. If that’s the case then don’t worry too much about it.

Remember to avoid clipping on the way in (from the guitar to the interface/from the interface to the Plug-In) and at the output. You will see a gray indicator at the top of each meter when your signal is clipping. Using the drive pedal as a boost (with the gain knob at minimum) should also give you a better tone.

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Thank you again Gonzalo! Your little guide to optimizing windows has improved things incredibly here. Peaks in Cubase have almost totally disappeared and with them unwanted noise.
USB soundcard is working a lot better and re-amping finally as it should. I can only recommend to go through this guide step by step, it wont hurt. thx,
a happy user from Germany

Glad to hear that @geraldo7h7

Hey man i was mixing a track, it had a verse where there were three instances of nameless and two of Nolly, Logic could not play that part and kept on showing system overload error even when i freezed most of the other tracks. Macbook pro 8gb ram, mac os mohave 128 gb ssd, oversampling was high. Please help
Buffer rate 1024

Hi @prashurya.goswami. Go through the macOS Optimization Guide and run Intel Power Gadget to check if your system is throttling. If everything looks fine on that regard but you still have the same problem, there’s not much left to do other than economizing your projects:

  • Use 44100 or 48000 Hz as the sample rate (Remember that the plugins already have oversampling).
  • Set the oversampling to Normal when tracking. Change it to High to render the tracks once you’re done recording.
  • Use the built-in noise gate for recording and change it to the Zuul before rendering the tracks.
  • Always run your plugins in Mono mode. If you’re using it on Stereo to process two different guitar signals, it’s better to use two separate mono instances since your DAW will assign one instance per thread.

i already use 44.1khz
i dont use zuul
i always run the plugins in mono
I have already gone through the mac os optimization guide
i Dont know what throttling means but the cpu usage in Logic showed that all four cores of my processors were maxed out