Basically all Neural plugins cripple my DAW

I use Cubase 9.5.
Windows 10.
16gb RAM.
Solid state hard drive… So it’s a high-spec system.
I have the usual normal performance tweaks enabled for audio in general.

I max out the performance meter with ONE SINGLE INSTANCE of any Neural plugin.
I could NEVER use it in stereo… If I’m lucky, I might get to record a few minutes in mono only, and only ever NORMAL oversampling (NEVER High quality).

So how does one fix a problem like this?
It’s to the point where I have to consider other plugins over NeuralDSP because they just destroy performance and click/pop/freeze all the time.

Hello @soularflair. If you already checked our PC optimization guide, I would suggest running Latencymon for a few minutes to verify if your system has high DPC latency.

You can send screenshots of the analysis made by Latencymon and your audio settings to to find what’s causing the issue.

What cpu / ram are you running?

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Hmm… I’m running Reaper with multiple guitar tracks all using Neural plugins (Nolly). My last recording had 5 guitar tracks at one point but I don’t have any issues as long as I’m not actively using any programs in parallel. I’m using a Surface Book 2 running on Windows 10 with 16GB of RAM as well. The only time I encounter issues is when I’m watching YouTube videos in parallel or running a Skype video call.