Problem with pan and Fortin

Good. Sounds great. I just bought the Fortin nameless but I have a problem panning the guitars. I send two panned tracks on each side to a bus and load the plugin on that bus. Well, although I put the plugin in stereo and it seems that it sounds one on each side, there is something that gets into each of its sides. As if the guitar sounded a bit clean. I heard you are having trouble and it is almost better to load the plugin on each track. I use it with Logic. Thank you very much

Hi @Enfiteusis. Are you sure you’re using a bus and not an FX send? You can send us some audio examples to to check what’s going on.

I found the problem. I had another the other track with the monitoring on. I dont kmow why but sounds a bit with clean sound. Turn it off and problem solved. Thanks for all

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@Enfiteusis No problem!